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Pin Up India perfectly understands the need to immediately get in touch with support when a problem or question arises. That's why we have a professional support Pin Up Bet. Whenever you have questions or any difficulties with the sportsbook content, you can contact our employees via any convenient chosen method.

At Pin-Up, we also understand that players have different preferences, which is why it may be more convenient for them to use different channels for contact. Therefore, we provide support via live chat, e-mail, Telegram, and phone. This number of channels guarantees that everyone can select a suitable method to contact our team members.

You can find all the contacts on this web page. We will also explain more about each channel and what types of questions you can get answers to, and what issues we solve. 

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Customer Service

Usually, professional customer support is the backbone of any company, including a casino business. Even the best service providers with top websites can't guarantee that content will work properly all the time. Thus, issues occur, and clients need help — that's where efficient customer support steps in.

Our professional and experienced support Pin Up team can be contacted via several channels, depending on which is more convenient for you. We guarantee that you can explain the problem that occurred. Also, you can attach additional files if you have any to help us fix the issue as soon as possible.

We are an international website with support team members in different time zones, which means that we provide support 24/7. Players from India can choose one of the following methods to contact us:

  • E-mail;

  • Online chat 24/7;

  • Telegram chatbot;

  • Care number.

Regardless of the channel you choose, we guarantee that you will get professional help within a short period. Now, we will explain in detail about each channel and what help you may get.


Customer support via email at Pin Up India offers several benefits. The email Pin Up support allows you to communicate detailed issues clearly. You can attach screenshots to illustrate the issues better. This method is especially useful for non-urgent issues that need detailed explanations. For example, if you face a technical glitch, describing it with attachments helps support understand the problem faster.

Email support is best for resolving account-related questions, such as payment issues or verification processes. If you have trouble with a transaction, email support via [email protected]. It provides a detailed record of communication, so it's easy to track and resolve your problem. You can reference previous emails, which offers continuity in the conversation.

Pin Up support team

Email support is also effective for general inquiries about promotions or bonuses. You get detailed responses and can refer back to them later. It’s a reliable way to get comprehensive information without the need for immediate resolution.

However, for urgent issues like account lockouts or immediate withdrawal difficulties, it’s best to contact live chat or phone support. These methods provide quicker responses. Email support at Pin-Up India guarantees clarity and detailed assistance. 

Thus, it's perfect for addressing complex issues that aren't urgent. While yes Pin-Up tries to respond as soon as possible, it may take up to several hours to get an answer. Especially if you're contacting support during non-working hours.

Online Chat

Support Pin Up India also has a convenient and efficient online live chat service for customer support. Clients benefit from immediate assistance when using this method. This is the method you can choose when the problem is urgent. You can reach out to us via our in-built live chat about such topics as:

  • -deposit / withdrawal issues;

  • -bonus or promo code isn't working;

  • -suspicious activity on your account;

  • -personal account management;

  • -technical issues or glitches;

  • -signs of problem gambling.

You can also contact us about other matters, and our efficient support team will offer real-time solutions as soon as possible. If the issue is more complex, the team might ask you to contact the assistant via email support. So, they can pass the problem to the technical department at Pin-Up.

This is how you can contact support via live chat:

  • -Find the «Support 24/7» button near your personal profile or scroll to the bottom of the website.

  • -If you're using an app or mobile version, select the menu in the middle and scroll down to find this button.

  • -Select the «Live chat» option.

  • -Describe your issue and attach files if you have them.

The team member should respond within a few minutes. Live chat is ideal for quick assistance or direct interaction with support. 


PinUp support via the Telegram chatbot provides a quick and user-friendly way for clients to get assistance. One of the main advantages of this method is that players can easily access and use it from anywhere, at any time, without difficulties. However, they should download and install this messenger app (available on the Play Market and the App Store). 

Pin Up support 24/7

With the Telegram app, clients can easily reach our chatbot without waiting for a live support team agent. The chatbot is especially helpful for tasks that require getting fast responses. You can either navigate various topics by pressing buttons with questions, or choose your region, language, and get support from a real agent.

Here are two options on how to contact the support team via Telegram:

  • -Select the «Support 24/7» button near your personal profile or go to the bottom of the official site. If you're using an app or mobile version, choose the menu in the middle.

  • -Press the «Telegram» option. Follow the instructions of the chatbot after pressing «Start conversation» button.

The second option works as follows:

  • -Open the Telegram app. Type in @PinUpSupportBot in the search area (on top).

  • -Pick the support channel that states «Pin-Up chatbot,» then, follow the bot's instructions, like picking the region and language. English and Hindi are available.

This is a simple method of contacting support that is similar to the live chat option.

Care Number

Most people today are used to chatting and sending text messages. However, some still want to call a person and hear their voice when they ask for help to solve the issue with the sportsbook content. Pin Up customer care number can help you with just that if you're a person who prefers to voice their concerns rather than express them in a text message.

The support through the customer care number provides personalized and immediate assistance. The main benefit of using the customer care number is its immediate response. When you call our support agent, you speak directly with a professional representative. They can address your concerns right there and then.

Using the customer care number is recommended for complex inquiries or urgent matters that require real-time assistance. For example, if you encounter issues with deposit transactions or need assistance with account verification.

Usually, the team member explains that your issue has been documented and passed on to the technical department. Once the problem is fixed, the support will contact you by using the pre-agreed upon channel.

Thus, contact us via this number: +35722008792, if you want to address issues in person and as soon as possible.

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