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>It's hard to imagine today's world without mobility and speed. In a rush to get everywhere, people are shifting all their business to their mobile devices, as they accompany you everywhere and are easy to use in different situations.

The ability to bet without delay and at your convenience right on your smartphone instead of a cumbersome computer has long been no secret to anyone. These days, more and more bettors are opting to take their passion to a mobile platform, as no matter where you are or how busy you are, you can always make time for your cravings.

The Pin Up mobile sports betting app is a beautiful pocket-friendly way to have software at your fingertips, where a player can easily research any odds and bet on their favourite match without any restrictions. The app is well-optimized and an indispensable alternative to the regular website. If you value your time and want a reliable program for Pin Up Bet, download and check the app immediately.

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Benefits of the Pin Up Bet Mobile App

Undoubtedly, the ability to bet on any event you are interested in online and even from the most reasonably non-powerful smartphone has greatly popularised bookmakers' activities. But the player also gets a lot of advantages and things that were never dreamt of before. Of course, the benefit of online training over physical time in front of a computer is provided by some features of the Pin Up Bet app:

  • Quick access allows you to log in for a few minutes instead of wasting time on your computer.
  • Playing at any time of day on your smartphone gives both "larks" and "owls", as well as people who lead a nighttime lifestyle, the opportunity to enjoy watching events.
  • The game can be wagered on the bed, on the floor, on the sofa, or in the bathtub. It is up to the player to decide how he or she wants to play. You can place a bet during a break at work or look at the odds while waiting for the bus, or sitting on the ocean while on holiday. In silence, it does not distract you from your active thought process. All that matters is an internet connection. Obviously, you have a lot of limitations on a desktop computer.
  • Pin Up offers you a great variety of different sports, and its events are available in your pocket and ready for quick betting. It's conveniently structured in the list and can be accessed with no more than several clicks.
  • Deposits in the app and withdrawals allow betting in different currencies of the countries where Pin Up operates. Users can thus avoid additional conversion fees and do not have to keep track of exchange rates.

Benefits of the Pin Up Bet Mobile App

Pin Up mobile app for Android and iOS

The company has developed an excellent mobile app for the two most advanced mobile betting operating systems, Android and iOS. The apps are designed with the operating systems' specifics in mind and perfectly synchronised with the devices. The apps are perfectly tailored to their interface and have no flaws.

Download Pin Up Bet app for Android

The Pin-Up Bet app can only be downloaded to Android smartphones and tablets from the bookmaker's official website. The app is unfortunately not available on Play Market, so to download and install the software on your device, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. 1Go to the Pin Up Bet website, here you see the bookmaker's home page. The relevant button to start downloading the Android app will be labelled "Download apk Android app".

  2. 2Download the file via the link to your phone. When you click on the button, a menu opens where you need to select "Install" and follow the steps in the instructions.

  3. 3Install the software. You need to select the downloaded file and run the installation. The system will ask you for any additional permissions you may require.

Pin Up Bet App for Android

Practice shows that installation does not take much time. Access to betting opens instantly after logging into your personal account in the app and entering your username and password. The programme starts quickly from the desktop of the device. If the user does not yet have a profile on the website, the operator also gives the possibility to register via the mobile app.

System Requirements

The software is designed and adapted even for rather old smartphones with outdated operating systems. Similarly, the audience for sports betting is not waning.

The following system requirements for Pin Up Android users are the next:

  • OS version at least 5.1 and later Android versions.
  • There has to be some functional space, so keep 1 GB of average free space for the app.
  • The processing speed is needed at 1.2 GHz.
  • 100 MB of free memory.

It does not mean that if a user has not fulfilled the minimum requirements on their device, they will not get the working app. The experience shows that even weaker and more outdated devices can handle the program without guaranteed functioning.

Download Pin Up Bet app for iOS

Pin-Up Bet has also been developed for the iOS platform, which makes it run perfectly on iPhone and iTab. The user will unfortunately not find this programme in AppStore, but will undoubtedly see the download file on the bookmaker's main page. What do I need to install it?

  1. 1Find the green "Download iOS App" button from the Pin Up Bet home page.

  2. 2Download the file to your device. The system will prompt you to download it to your device and select a directory.

  3. 3Install the programme. The system will take care of everything.

With the app on your phone, you can start betting immediately. The program will be displayed on the desktop of your device. The registration or account log-in process is similar to the fixed and mobile versions of the site.

Download Pin Up Bet app for iOS

Minimum requirements

In general, the iOS app is just as low-maintenance as the one for Android smartphones. Again, the developers were keen to make the programme available to as many users as possible.

Installing Pin Up iOS requires:

  • OS version at least 8.0 and later versions.
  • 1 GB average free space for the app to keep it functional.
  • 1.2 GHz Processing speed for betting actions.
  • 100 MB of free memory.

It is also possible to run the programme on older devices, but you may experience performance and performance problems in this case.

How to install Pin-Up app?

The process, in general, no matter which smartphone user wants to install the app on their device, Pin-Up Bet will follow the same route. There are only three simple steps you need to take to make sure you get the highest quality software and enjoy the sports betting process in your personal cabinet:

  1. 1Find the appropriate boot file for your device's operating system on the main Pin Up Bet page. Make sure that you are only on the official website of the bookmaker.

  2. 2Once you have downloaded the file, open the archive on your phone and install the Pin Up Bet app client. Remember first to remove the restrictions in the settings on installing the app from an unknown source.

  3. 3Read all needed terms and conditions before using the app, and register or log in before placing bets.

If you register with the software, you must confirm your email address or phone number, depending on your chosen method. The registration and verification process is similar to all others on the platform, regardless of the device.

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Pin-Up for PC

Using a personal computer is a fine choice for those who would prefer to have their privacy and a massive screen to gamble and move quickly and comfortably from section to section of the site's menu.

And some people dislike doing what they love to the heist; they have a designated time and place for it. This really does make a difference, as in our present-day life, in a rush for time, we neglect that we need to be down to earth and not rush anywhere. This is precisely how betting on the computer is pleasurable, particularly when one can combine gambling with watching your favourite match on a wide screen.

You can also enjoy your favoured pastime directly from your computer if you have the opportunity and time to do so. The bookmaker Pin Up has perfectly designed its main website to meet all the modern requirements of an advanced sports betting platform. The menus are logically structured, and the navigation and event search is easy and uncomplicated, even for inexperienced users.

Differences between the app and the mobile site

If being able to play on a mobile device rather than a computer is vital to you, there is not a massive difference in principle between the software and the mobile version of the website. The nuances lie only in the personal approach to using the information on your smartphone.

The downloading and installing of the bookmaker software file requires more time and better device specifications. This does not yet apply to the need to update the software version periodically.

On the other hand, the use of the app is more convenient and adapted to the different services of the device. The interface is more detailed, and the content has an additional level of encryption protection compared to the website.

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The Pin Up betting platform is trendy in various countries and has gained well-deserved popularity among gamers and betting enthusiasts. The development of the operator in the global market has contributed to the expansion of its options and offers, the universalization of the website, and the creation first of a mobile version of the website and then of unique applications. Thus, today the bookmaker has relatively many features to offer its software to its users, which can meet everyone's needs.


The Pin Up app is entirely free for both IOS and Android users, with no exceptions. There is no paid content or premium version of the app, and all betting sections are available to users 24 hours a day.
The programme can only be downloaded via its mobile version from the official Pin Up Bet website. The user needs to find the green .apk file download button on the start page and allow the device to install downloads from unknown sources. At the time of loading, ensure that there are no system limitations on the smartphone and that the internet connection is consistently high quality.
Such a file can be found on the mobile version of the Pin Up Bet website and is accessible to Android and IOS users, through their installed browsers. Be aware that you should never download files to your phone from an unofficial website. Such an action could lead to undesirable consequences.

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