Andar Bahar Online Game

Andar Bahar originates in India, and it has been popular for longer than people can remember. Many people in India used to play this card game of chance on special occasions and holidays, especially when they needed to attract good luck or appease the gods.

Today, this game is popular around the globe. It's no wonder Andar Bahar has simple rules, and it's perfect for a gathering of friends. Moreover, the simplicity of this game made it popular online. Now, Andar Bahar online game is available in different configurations, including with live dealers. 

At Pin Up India, users can play Andar Bahar as a video game or as live dealer entertainment. Usually, people choose the live option. So, we offer a table with characteristics to help you decide if that's something that you might be interested in:

Release date








Mobile accessinility

Accessible due to HTML5 technology

Minimum bet


Maximum bet

INR 1,000

Maximum win per bet


As we mentioned, you can also consider a video version by Swintt at Pin Up. It's an option with 94.90% RTP and medium volatility. You can play it in the demo. So, you can learn the general rules of the game before you hop in on the live action. 

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About Andar Bahar Live Game

Choosing the Andar Bahar online cash game in live mode means that you should register and verify your identity. It's a live dealer game so you can play it only for real cash. This means that demo isn't available, as well as playing without registration.

Thus, you need to create an account first. Here's what you should do to register at Pin-Up:

  1. 1. Visit the official PinUp website. Click the red «Registration» button in the top right corner.

  2. 2. Fill out the application form. The process includes revealing your name and surname, phone number, email, and data from your identification document (to prove that you're 18+).

  3. 3. Confirm the registration process. The casino may request that you provide screenshots of your passport (ID).

  4. 4. Deposit money. Go to the «Cash desk» and choose a payment method, like Visa/Mastercard, UPI, PhonePe, WhatsApp Pay, and so on.

  5. 5. Add requested data, like credit/debit card number or e-wallet information, sum of money (minimum deposit is 400 INR). Confirm operation.

Deposits at Pin Up are usually instant, so you'll immediately notice that your balance is replenished. Now, you can play Andar Bahar real money. Here's what you should do:

  • - Go to the casino section;

  • - Click the search button (magnifying glass image);

  • - Type in Andar Bahar, and choose the game developed by Ezugi;

  • - Place the bet on «Andar» or «Bahar» in the wager section.

Now, we'll explain in detail how to play at Andar Bahar casino. Andar Bahar is a simple card game. You play it with a single deck of cards. The dealer places one card face up in the center. This card is called the «Joker». Players then bet on either «Andar» (inside) or «Bahar» (outside). The dealer deals cards to the Andar and Bahar sides alternately. The goal is to match the Joker card.

For example, if the Joker is a 7 of hearts, players bet on if the next 7 will appear on the «Andar» or «Bahar» side. The winner is the one who correctly predicts which side the next 7 will appear on.

Advantages of Playing Live Andar Bahar on Pin Up

There are numerous advantages of playing online Andar Bahar real cash at Pin-Up. The most important factor is that we offer fair conditions to players. Not only because we have to comply with the license rules and local regulations. But also because we value user experience. We have software from top providers. In this case, Ezugi which is one of the best in the live dealer industry.

Ezugi has set up an amazing studio and uses technologies that capture the movements of the dealer. So, it's clear that the session isn't rigged. Additionally, live-streaming quality is better than you can imagine.

Andar Bahar Online Game

We also have prepared a few tips for our clients on how to maximize their winnings and minimize losses. These are our ideas for Andar Bahar live casino:

  • 1. Use available bonuses. If you want to maximize your gains and get extra cash without investing more, definitely use our welcome bonus for registration and the first deposit. All new users get this perk when they create an account. It offers 120% up to 5,000,000 INR + 250 free spins.

  • 2. Learn the game rules in detail (we provide more information on Andar Bahar in the following section). Yes, the game is simple and is mainly based on luck, but knowing how the game works is crucial for wise decisions.

  • 3. Place your bets carefully. Start with smaller bets to understand the game's flow before increasing your stakes. You may also check out the demo version by Swintt at Pin-Up to get more comfortable with the rules, to then switch to Ezugi's Andar Bahar.

  • 4. Watch for any patterns in the game. While Andar Bahar relies heavily on luck, keeping tabs on patterns can still be very helpful.

  • 5. Set a budget and, more importantly, limits that you won't exceed. Stick to this budget to avoid significant losses. For example, if you have 10,000 INR, determine your loss limit and stop playing when you reach it.

  • 6. Avoid playing continuously for long periods. Regularly take breaks to maintain focus and prevent impulsive decisions.

  • 7. If you are losing more often than you win, take a break. Playing while frustrated can result in further losses.

It goes without saying that you should always gamble responsibly. If you feel that you are losing control, seek help immediately. Our 24/7 support can help you if you're developing an addiction. For example, we can temporarily suspend your account for the agreed-upon period. 

Gameplay of Andar Bahar Card Game

Ezugi’s Andar Bahar real money live game is easy to master, even if you haven't ever played it in your life. You have two main bets: Andar and Bahar. Before each round, players bet on the side they think will win. After placing bets, the croupier deals one card to Andar and one to Bahar. The dealer continues dealing cards until a card matching the initial card appears. 

For example, if Andar's initial card is a 6 and Bahar's initial card is a 9, the dealer will keep dealing cards. If a 6 appears on Andar's side, Andar wins. If a 9 appears on Bahar's side, Bahar wins. 

Ezugi’s Andar Bahar offers great payouts for main bets. Andar has a 0.9:1 payout, while Bahar offers a 1:1 payout. Andar Bahar live is streamed from Ezugi’s studio in Romania. You can access it on any device (desktop or mobile) at Pin-Up. The minimum bet is 5 INR, and the maximum is 1,000 INR.

Ezugi's Andar Bahar version doesn't include special features, as it aims to preserve the classic theme. This means that this game is as close to the original version as possible. However, there are side bets that add a challenge. Let's start by explaining how the table looks and how to place wagers:

  • The dealer shuffles cards and places the Joker card in a designated place on the table. 

  • Choose a wager on the panel. It's located near «Andar» and «Bahar» options. 

  • Confirm the wager and decide «Andar» or «Bahar.»

  • The croupier deals the card to your chosen option.


Now, about the side bets that we mentioned. You can make eight different side bets, predicting the number of cards drawn in a round. Here's the table with the side bets and their payouts:

Number of cards

Payout ratio

1-5 cards


6-10 cards


11-15 cards


16-25 cards


26-30 cards


31-35 cards


36-40 cards


41 or more cards


You can also watch reviews of Andar Bahar online casino on YouTube to better understand how to play this game at PinUp. 

Andar Bahar Game


The Andar Bahar card game is often favored by players who like table games, but dislike complicated rules. For example, as attractive as poker looks, it's truly difficult to play it. After all, there's a reason why there's such a thing as sports poker. Andar Bahar is a different kind of card game, where rules are simple, and every player can participate in live action.

At Pin-Up, players can play this game against a real dealer from a personal computer and even a mobile phone. The game is based on HTML5, so you can play it on a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, Andar Bahar real money game download isn't necessary — you may download and install the PinUp app or choose the mobile version.

Pin Up has numerous bonuses and accepts the most popular payment methods so that every player can play Andar Bahar. We have several versions of this game, including the one developed by Swintt.


Andar Bahar real cash game is a simple entertainment option. It's a card game where players simply have to place a bet on «Andar» or «Bahar». If a user guesses correctly, they win and get a prize according to the initial wager and the pay table.
Log in to Pin-Up online casino account. Navigate to the live casino section and select the Andar Bahar table. You may also use the search button and simply type in the name of the game. Once the game loads, place your bet on either «Andar» (left) or «Bahar» (right). The croupier then deals cards alternately to Andar and Bahar positions until a matching card to the joker appears. If your prediction is correct, you win.
You can play this game at Pin Up. We suggest using the search function for convenience to easily find the game that you need. Go to the casino section and find the magnifying glass icon. Click on it and type in the game's name.
Tndar Bahar real money is a safe game. First, Pin-Up is a licensed casino and protects its players. It provides fair conditions to all gamblers. Second, the website has only the best software from top providers. This means that you will see high-quality live-streaming that enables you to detect all movements. The game is not rigged and thus, completely safe to play. Additionally, PinUp uses protection measures, like encryption, to secure users' data and funds.

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